To explain and promote your company through a video in the most efficient and attractive way, it is important that the message and the purpose is clear. Together we can create this, a concept based on your ideals and wishes. The audio has a big role in a video, and I am concerned about the audio quality and have 25 years of experience with sound mixing from my music background. When choosing the best suitable music, it can be of great support for emphasising the message of the video. 

When the first version of the video is edited you will get a copy for approval. You can suggest any changes until you are happy and satisfied with the result. The video can be adapted to your requirements and budget. I can also make a video if you have something you have filmed, could be with you mobile or other camera, and the same also if you have som photos.

If you want I can also take photos between the filming, these can be used as a supplement to promote the video. I am filming with Panasonic Lumix GH4 and editing in FCPX. I am a silent person and so is the camera during filming and still-photos.