Marpa Video was established in 2003 by Marpa Løberg. I have 14 years of experience with video production, and have filmed in various situations in Norway and abroad. I have been Co-producer of DVDs and CDs, and have made several videos on YouTube and Vimeo, including marketing and presentation videos.

Since 1997 I have been on the journey of self discovery, and my experience and insights through this process has really touched me. Out from this understanding I feel my work with video has expanded and improved. In 2000 I was part of starting a retreat and meditation senter, and since then I’ve been part of arranging many of the activities there, making videos, playing music and leading meditations.

I’m also a musician with bass-guitar as the main instrument, and have many years of experience playing various music genres with different music groups. Music & audio is a big part of me and has always been a great influence in my work with video. At last, I feel it’s needed also to mention my experience as a massage therapist, since 2002 I have worked in several Spa & Hotels giving massage.

Otherwise… I am a quiet and happy Norwegian, and live in Hedalen in the South of Valdres, 2 hours from Oslo.